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Sales and Marketing

Every member of your organisation has to deliver service that is outstanding to retain and grow your customer base.      


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Introduction to supervision and leadership

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it is essential to be able to get your message across quickly, accurately and with impact. This applies both with customers, prospects and within your organisation where effective communication and coordination is vital to success.  

I_Adjomah offers training that deliver practical tools, tips and strategies to communicate powerfully and confidently. 

customer service

Mastering the art of supervision and leadership in the business environment for more effective managers and more productive staff.


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Improve your sales skills with consultative selling techniques.

Master the art of selling.


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Customer service

Positive man

Positive mental attitude

Enthusiastic and positive employees produce better results.

Positive employees are motivated employees.  


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Confidence and self-esteem

Confident employees, particularly those who are customer-facing, directly contribute to the image of the organisation.


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Assertive communication

Develop the skills to present your ideas and opinions in ways that enable you to feel heard and respected. Deal with difficult situations effectively.


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