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Introduction to Supervision and Leadership


Develop the skills to supervise and lead a team effectively


Course overview

Being a manager or supervisor can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for a the new or inexperienced manager.


Are your staff members satisfied with your leadership ability? Do you have a good working relationship with the members of your team?

This course builds your skills and confidence. You will learn to set goals for the team and to motivate and develop team members to continuously improve performance and handle difficult situations decisively.  

It will help individuals make a painless transition from member of a team to managing the team effectively.


What you will learn


Every one of our training programs is uniquely designed and tailored to meet your specific circumstances and objectives. Below are some examples of the type of topics that would be covered in your Introduction to Supervision and Management training:


The requirements of a manager.


The secrets to building, developing and maintaining a high performance team that consistently hits goals and stays happy and enthusiastic.


How to manage your own time effectively so that you achieve targets, avoid overwhelm and still have time left for yourself.


How to set goals and objectives for your team.


Techniques to communicate effectively.


How to delegate to improve results.


How to deal with difficult people and challenging situations.

How you will stand to benefit as a business


For any great organisation the people are its most valuable asset. Your people are employed to achieve your business goals. The ‘Introduction to Supervision and Leadership’ training is an essential ‘enabler’ for bringing out the best in your management team.


Improved all-round performance in the organisation with corporate goals being achieved more consistently.


Effective managers and supervisors who lead by example.


A more flexible organisation able to better adapt to changing circumstances with more input from an engaged workforce.


Managers and supervisors perform better, suffer less stress and report greater job satisfaction.


Fewer workplace disputes, grievances and disciplinary issues.


Retention of staff, reducing recruitment and training cost.


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