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Sales are the lifeblood for any company and in the fiercely competitive new economy you and your staff need every advantage possible.


And it’s not just your front-line sales teams who will benefit from the JACBRIGHT training. Today, almost every member of your staff, especially those in any contact with customers or prospects, is involved in making the sale.


From the newest member of your sales team, through customer service staff to the most senior high-level executive, you’ll find the JACBRIGHT training programs will boost performance in all areas of sales and bottom line results.


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Handling Sales Objections

Essential Sales and Marketing Workshop

 Who will benefit from this workshop


  Field sales people

  Business to business sales people

  Sales people who have had no formal training on the subject before

  Sales people who need a refresher and need to get “back to basics” and refocus

  New sales people

  Client relationship managers

  Account managers

  Business development managers

  Commercial managers

Workshop Agenda

Our training session is categorised into three broad categories:

Introductory session


Post training


1.  The introductory session introduces trainees to the rudiments and prerequisite skills for planning and starting a successful sales journey. It involves intensive classroom training in:


Confidence building

Public speaking training

Identifying and engaging a potential customer

Personal branding and product presentation

Market analysis

Online marketing



2.  Our field training goes beyond the classroom session to actual experimentation and perfection of skills. It involves;


Engaging potential customers

Product introduction and presentation to individuals and groups

Initiating sale deals

Closing sales deals

Handling and overcoming rejection

Perceived barriers trainees may face in the field



3.  The third part focuses on mentorship and guiding trainees after training for over a month. This aspect provides further education to trainees on how to handle other aspects of the business. It covers:


Customer service training

Booking sales appointments

General business management

We can help your sales teams to:

 •  Exceed their sales targets and close more sales in less time

 •   Understand the motivations and wants of their prospects

 •   Learn how to build effective relationships and rapport

 •  Develop the right questions to use and know when to use them

 •  Create a step-by-step consultative selling process that works

 •   Qualify their prospects more effectively

 •   Overcome  objections with confidence and ease

 •   Boost their self-confidence

This  two day workshop is designed to provide you with the essential techniques and strategies to understand the sales process and how to overcome objections so that you will close more sales and exceed your targets.


All our training courses can be tailored to match your personal requirements.




Sales and Marketing


Sales Presentation Checklist


Sales Questions for Customers