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Public Speaking


Master the art of communication. Deliver confident powerful presentation


Course overview

This course shows you how to deliver presentations with real impact.  You will learn how to overcome fears and deal with anxiety. You will understand how to tailor your presentations to the audience; and structure the presentation content for added clarity.

You will gain polish and confidence in all aspects of your delivery. Once you have attended this course you will look forward to presenting at every chance you get.

This course will give you the tools to enhance your natural skills and develop as a polished professional presenter.


What you will learn


Every one of our training programs is uniquely designed and tailored to meet your specific circumstances and objectives. Below are some examples of the type of topics that would be covered in your Assertiveness Communication training:


Use your voice to communicate with confidence and conviction.


Use of body language to get your message across effectively.


How structure your presentation to suit your audience.


How to speak with clarity and audibility.


How structure your presentation to suit your audience.


Use of voice and gestures for maximum impact.


How to keep your audiences attention and ‘read’ the audience and ‘bring them back’ if you lose them.


How you will stand to benefit


The ability to speak in public has been one of the major challenges facing students and even adults. Our training offers the following benefits:


Confidence boost. Public speaking can significantly boost confidence. Overcoming the fears and insecurities that accompany public speaking is empowering.  


Public speaking helps boost leadership skills. Standing up and speaking in a way that is powerful can influence an audience. This ability to influence is one of the major aspects of leadership.


The skilled use of public speaking can improve a company’s sales by allowing the sales person to connect with their audience rather than simply making a sales pitch.


When your staff present, they represent the company and what it stands for. Clients and prospects do not separate the message and the messenger.  Our public speaking course will ensure that staff portray a professional image.


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