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All our training courses can be tailored to match your personal requirements.



All our public speaking classes include debates, group discussions, speaking opportunities and individualised feedback. We train students on delivering various types of speeches in professional style. Apart from training students to master public speaking skills, we also provide them enough opportunities to perform in public situations and competitions.

JACBRIGHT trained students from the School of Agriculture, who were participating in a key debate as part of the opening ceremony of the 70th Anniversay celebrations of the University.

University of Ghana


Whether your  school or  university is running a leadership development programme, student conference or a debate we can help your students to enhance their communication skills. From overcoming the fear of public speaking to crafting and delivering a presentation which is creative and compelling our training workshops for students will empower and equip your students to connect with others.

Historically students have been taught to read, write and remember. Demonstration of their learning has mostly been done through the written word.

However, we now live in an age when students and employees are also judged on how well they communicate and present themselves at school, work and in public. Despite that reality, many students leave school today with impressive qualifications yet a great number of them find themselves struggling to express themselves clearly and confidently.

We at JACBRIGHT believe an education is not complete without the student learning the skills to clearly articulate oneself.

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Inter-Schools Public Speaking Competition